Accessibility Features of this Website

Accessibility refers to how easy a page is to use, especially if you are visiting the page using a mobile phone, a screen reader or WAP. Here are some accessibility features of this website.

This is a description link. The letter 'd' next to an image means that descriptive text is available. Simply follow the d-link to read it. In any case, images should have machine readable alt-text.
In a menu of links, this allows the reader to skip over each link. This is intended for visitors who will listen to this page, as it allows listeners to jump straight to the content, in the same way that visual visitors jump over the links.
Click Here
The words 'click here' or similar will not appear (should not!) anywhere on the site. Most people who listen to web-pages browse by 'surfing links' and missing out the plain text, until they find what they want. To hear the repeated meaningless refrain 'click here' is frustrating.
Text based links
Links (and in fact all text on this site) are actual text and not simply images of text. This allows screen readers to access the content of the page.
XHTML compliance logo This website is written using the current web-page language, XHTML1.0 Strict. This ensures the strictest separation of content and presentation for maximum future c ompatibility with new technologies and existing different types of browsers ('User Agents').
CCS level 2.0
The visual appearance of the site is achieved exclusively throught the use of Cascading Style Sheets. You can customise the way the page looks by setting your browser to use a specific stylesheet which you control. This means that if you don't like (or can't access) the way I have presented this website, you can change it utterly and in every detail. Sorry, but this site does not implement any aural stylesheets (for controlling how the page should sound).
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